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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Agriculture

Testing process of Agmark Laboratory

AGMARK Laboratory Testing

Agmark is a voluntary scheme. Packers have to obtain certificate of authorisation (C.A) applying through State Government agency i.e. Deputy Director of Agriculture (Marketing) who  forward the packer’s application after due supervision by approved chemist in the state grading Laboratory and it has been forwarded to Directorate of Marketing and Inspection Govt.of India which is the sole authority to issue Agmark Licence i.e. Certificate of authorisation. The regional office of Directorate of Marketing and Inspection Agmark Laboratory Govt.of India at Guwahati also arranges training for the officers engaged as chemist at the State grading laboratory now at Regional  Agmark Laboratory in Kolkata .A very  nominal grading charge for analysis of Agril.Commodities is charged from Packers by State agency and also another charge for Agmark logo i.e Label charge have to deposited  by packers in favour of Directorate of Marketing and Inspection Govt.of India. 

There is provision for carrying out several  tests  like Total ash,Acid Insoluble Ash Moisture, starch content,crude fibre volatile ether extract chromate test  etc.done for Ground spices.Tests like determination of essential oil,specific gravity, test for presence of Argemone oil,Refractive Index,determination of Acid value and free fatty acids , Iodine  value tests are done for Mustard oil. Tests like specific gravity, Aniline chlorlde test,Total reducing sugar,Total sugar,Fructose glucose ratio,Acid value,Fiches tests etc are done for Honey.